Reserve a Lane

There are two ways you can come throw with us. Any day or time we will accept walk-ins. We also have time slots for you to book out. We always have one lane open for walk-ins and are able to let you throw for half the time and half the price. To reserve a lane click the below link and see what is available!

Our prices vary per person for each hour that you are with us. If you are wanting to play for a half-hour just split the price per person in half.

2: $20/person + tax

3: $18/person + tax

4: $16/person + tax

5: $14/person + tax

6: $12/person + tax

7: $12/person + tax

8: $12/person + tax

We encourage everyone to read over our FAQ’s page to have any questions you may have answered. If your question isn’t on there just give us a call


Coming this fall we will have a one day tournament, open to the public for all the fun of axe throwing mixed with some friendly competition. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch and on top of all the cool things happening.


We reserve Monday through Thursday nights for private events. We will also work with you for any day and time that you are wanting to join us for an awesome experience! We are the perfect place to host your next group outing for church groups, college, corporate, or even your birthday party! Our group rates are dependent on the size of your group, time and day you would like to join us. If you have any questions please email or call us.